Posting of workers to EU countries

In accordance with the Labour Code, workers are considered as posted when they are sent by their employer to work in another country for a limited period of time.

Find out the requirements and which documents are needed to notify the competent authorities of the posting of staff.

When workers are posted in European Union countries, employers must inform the Authority for Working Conditions (Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho, ACT) 5 days in advance by completing and forwarding this form available on the ACT portal

If you are posted as a temporary worker, you should complete and submit this form also available on the ACT portal.

Formalities of the posting

For postings of up to 24 months, employers must request the issue of a Portable Document A1. This document proves that the worker will continue to be subject to Portuguese social security legislation during the period of posting to the other Member State.

The Portable Document A1 can be requested by the employer through the Social Security Direct portal:

  • under the menu Employment > Posting a worker abroad > Register posting application
  • and after the application has been analysed, information on whether or not it has been accepted will be sent to the message box on the Social Security Direct portal

In all other cases, the request should be made by completing form No RV1018-DGSS, which is available on the forms section of the Social Security Portal

If the posting lasts for more than 24 months or another requirement is not met (e.g. lack of substantial activity in Portugal), the request for the worker to be subject to Portuguese legislation is made by means of application No RV1020-DGSS, accompanied by the necessary justification and any supporting documents, as well as proof of insurance cover for accidents at work. The document is available in the forms section of the Social Security Portal

If the worker is simultaneously working in more than one Member State, an application must be sent to the body responsible in the Member State of residence, which will determine which legislation is applicable to the worker’s situation. This application is made to the International Coordination Unit, by submitting form No RV 1018, accompanied by a contract/information on the respective worker’s activity in the different Member States. The document is available in the forms section of the Social Security Portal.

In addition to the need to update the insurance policy against the risk of accidents at work, a person who is posted to work in a country of the European Union or Schengen area may apply to the Social Security for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which gives the worker access to healthcare in the area of work while continuing to be covered by the Portuguese social security system

More information on the posting of workers abroad can be found on the ACT and Social Security portals.

Contacts for assistance

If you need more information, you should contact Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho (ACT).