This service allows the installation of equipment in public space (e.g. installation of an awning, esplanade, flower box, waste container, advertising support, etc.). On the ePortugal portal, the occupation of public space service is available for the mainland and the Autonomous Region of Madeira. In the Azores, the service is done in the portal of the Regional Government of the Azores.

To proceed with the installation of the equipment you should:

  • comply with the requirements applicable to the occupation of public space pay
  • the fees (if applicable)

The occupation of public space is an activity of RJACSR - Legal Scheme for Access and Exercise of Activities of Commerce, Services and Catering (Zero Licensing).


Learn what you need to do to post or insert advertising messages on your equipment. Through simulator for advertisement in public spaces you will find information about the use of advertising support and whether it has associated costs, depending on what you want to use in public space.