Foreign Associations and Cooperatives - Renewal of the public utility status

The permanent representations of foreign associations and cooperatives can request the renewal of the public utility status.

Note: Portuguese associations, cooperatives and foundations and the permanent representations of foreign foundations should make the requests at the corresponding services.

This renewal request does not apply to the annual submission of activity reports and accounts or the transmission of statutory changes. For this purpose, a request for Legal Notices must be filed.

Entities with public utility status must previously submit a request for a Communication of Interest in maintaining the Public Utility Status to revalidate the status for another ten years. One year to six months before that deadline they must submit a renewal request.

Procedure and requirements


  • submission of the request and start of the process by the legal representative of the entity     
  • analysis of the process by the SGPCM     
  • (eventual) preliminary rejection
  • (eventual) request for additional opinions from competent entities in the area of activity of the requesting entity (eventual) call for improvement
  • proposal for a decision
  • decision by the competent Government member
  • publication of the decision in the Official Gazette.

Time of issue/decision




Additional Data

Territorial Scope
Foreign associations and cooperatives with a national, regional or local scope. Excludes permanent representations of foreign associations and cooperatives that carry out their activity exclusively in one of the Autonomous Regions.

Legislation, refusals, contests, claims



Reasons for refusal


Means of opposition/Complaint to the Ombudsman


Competent Entity

Secretaria-Geral da Presidência de Conselho de Ministros

Address: Rua Professor Gomes Teixeira, n.º 2 1399-022 LISBOA

Phone number: 213 927 600

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Web url: