Portuguese Associations and Cooperatives - Renewal of the public utility status

Portuguese associations and cooperatives can request the renewal of the public utility status.     
Note: The Portuguese foundations and the permanent representations of foundations or other non-profit foreign legal persons must make the requests in the corresponding services.

Service channels

  • Request online

    Apply for renewal of public utility status

Procedure and requirements


  • submission of the request in ePortugal and start of the process by the legal representative of the entity      
  • analysis of the process by the SGPCM     
  • (eventual) preliminary rejection
  • (eventual) request for additional opinions from competent entities in the area of activity of the requesting entity
  • (eventual) request for improvement of the request
  • proposal for a decision
  • decision by the competent Government member
  • publication of the decision in the Official Gazette.

Additional Data

Territorial Scope
Portuguese associations and cooperatives with a national, regional or local scope.
Excludes associations and cooperatives that carry out their activity exclusively in one of the Autonomous Regions.

Competent Entity

Secretaria-Geral da Presidência de Conselho de Ministros

Address: Rua Professor Gomes Teixeira, n.º 2 1399-022 LISBOA

Phone number: 213 927 600

Email address: sec-geral@sg.pcm.gov.pt

Web url: https://www.sg.pcm.gov.pt/