Applying to be registered as the technical author of a self-protection project or measure

Any architect, engineer or technical engineer who is registered with the relevant professional body and wishes to draw up a self-protection project or measure for a building classified in risk categories 2, 3 or 4 must register as a technical author with the National Authority for Emergencies and Civil Protection (ANEPC).

Service channels

  • Apply online

    Applying to be registered as the technical author of a self-protection project or measure

Procedure and requirements


You must apply online through the ePortugal portal. Applications are then examined by the ANEPC.

The procedure is set out below:

  1. Sending the form
    • Click on the ‘apply online’ button.
    • Verify your identity using a valid means of electronic identification (Digital Mobile Key, Citizen Card or Digital Certificate).
    • Complete the online form and attach the documents.
    • Submit your application.
  2. Examination of the application
    • Once the fee has been paid, the ANEPC will designate a technician to carry out the procedural formalities.
    • If, during the technical analysis, it emerges that the initial application needs to be corrected or that clarifications, information, attached documents or any other additional elements are required, the applicant will be asked to provide a correction or clarifications. 
    • Once the applicant has responded, by the established deadline, examination of the application can proceed (the deadline for making the final decision is suspended until the expiry of the deadline for receiving the information or documents requested).
    • If the decision is favourable, the applicant is notified.
    • If the decision is unfavourable, the applicant is notified at a hearing of the parties concerned, following which additional steps may be taken, either automatically or at the request of one of the parties.
    • After the hearing of the parties, with or without the parties’ responses, and after any supplementary steps have been taken, the final decision is issued and is communicated to the applicant.

Competent Entity

Autoridade Nacional de Proteção Civil

Address: Avenida do Forte 2794-112 Carnaxide

Phone number: 800 203 203

Email address:

Web url:

Operation hours

  • Dias úteis das 09:00h às 12:30h.
  • Dias úteis das 14:00h às 17:00h.