Fire Safety in buildings - Request for opinion on Self-Protection Measures - 1st risk category

Self-protection measures are a set of procedures for the use of the different areas in a building, so that safety is maintained and an adequate response is provided in the event of an emergency, thereby limiting the risk of fire.

You can request a technical opinion from the municipal council on risk category 1 self-protection measures.

Service channels

  • Online

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The information regarding this service depends on the municipality where your building or site is located

Since 1 January 2024, requests for Fire Safety in Buildings - 1st risk category are submitted to municipalities.

If you can't find the municipality in the list below, contact the town hall directly to find out how to submit the application. Use the Fire Safety in Buildings - 1st risk category service simulator to find out which municipalities offer these services or the contact details of the municipalities that don't.