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Under the Estratégia Nacional para o Empreendedorismo (National Strategy for Entrepreneurship), national start-ups have at their disposal specific funding and a set of incentives to support their development, from the phase of conception, through business incubation and development, to acceleration and internationalisation.

The Startup Portugal+ programme gives a new boost to this strategy and addresses emerging challenges through a set of new measures to attract more talent, explore new markets and provide more support through interventions in the ecosystem, in funding and internationalisation support. These new measures are divided into three areas of action:

  • +Ecossistema (+Ecosystem)
  • +Financiamento (+Funding)
  • +Internacionalização (+Internationalisation)

Consult all the information in StartUP Portugal + and IAPMEI.


Policies and instruments that promote entrepreneurship and create a favourable business environment are crucial to boosting economic growth and stimulating the creation of new jobs.

In turn, the capacity for innovation reflects the way in which a society or organisation, through its members, combines the existing knowledge base into new forms, which involve, search, discovery and cumulative learning processes.

There is an increasing tendency to approach entrepreneurship and innovation in an integrated matrix, as entrepreneurs are considered to be important agents of change and growth in an economy and can act to accelerate the creation, dissemination and generalization of innovative ideas.

Indeed, the quality of economic development depends essentially on people, companies and institutions - more, better and more innovative - and, above all, on entrepreneurs capable of seizing opportunities by investing and generating wealth.

It is therefore important to place innovation more and more as an engine of economic growth, stimulating higher levels of productivity, more qualified employment and the promotion of higher levels of quality of life in Portugal.

With this aim, companies have at their disposal a set of instruments to promote Research and Innovation that support the valorisation of scientific and technological knowledge and its transformation into economic growth through applied research projects. To ensure the global competitiveness of these projects, Portugal participates in a set of international programmes, initiatives and networks that promote the internationalization of the national research and innovation system.

To learn more about the support, consult the Portal do Financiamento [Funding Portal] and the Portal da Competitividade [Competitiveness Portal] to learn about the national programmes of investment incentives aimed at supporting innovation and competitiveness of companies.

To find out more about the European support aimed at supporting innovation, consult the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal.

With the aim of supporting innovation and competitiveness of the Portuguese business ecosystem, IAPMEI develops and participates in a number of programmes and initiatives to support the diagnosis of innovation opportunities, innovation management and investment in Research and Development and Innovation (R+D+I). Learn more on programmes and initiatives.