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Vale cirurgia passa a ser digital

The surgery voucher which allows users to choose the hospital where they want to be operated on if the National Health Service SNS doesn t respond in time will now be sent by email. The hospital can be private but it must have an agreement with the SNS. At the time of registering for surgery when th ...

House instalments lower and fixed for two years

The government has approved a new measure to combat rising interest rates by reducing the amount payable and fixing it for the next two years. The aim of this measure is for instalments to be calculated on the basis of 70 of the six-month Euribor rate thus leaving out the index of the loan contract. ...

Medication will now be reimbursed on the spot for elderly people on low incomes

Elderly people who benefit from the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly CSI now have an immediate discount on the purchase of reimbursed medicines. CSI beneficiaries will no longer have to pay the full amount and will now receive a 50 per cent discount on the non-participated portion of the medici ...

Housing support reinforced for displaced scholarship students

The government has approved an increase in the housing supplement for displaced higher education students. The approved increases between 8 and 38 in the support given to accommodation for displaced scholarship students representing an increase in annual support of between 240.20 euros and 1 321.21 ...

Government to support companies with 150 million euros

Companies will receive support worth 150 million euros to invest in international promotion and employee training. Portugal 2030 has almost 90 million euros earmarked for training workers and 60 million to support the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs . To support inter ...

Teleworking expenses up to 22 euros exempt from tax

Teleworking expenses will be exempt from taxes and contributions up to a value of 22 euros per month for 22 working days . This amount can be increased by 50 33 euros for 22 working days if collective bargaining is provided for. Introduced by the Decent Work Agenda this measure takes into account th ...

Recupera: a new support site for students and teachers

The government has launched the Recupera website a space to help with learning recovery especially in Portuguese and Mathematics. The site has various resources for students and teachers from primary to secondary school. Videos explanatory articles games and materials with interpreters of Portuguese ...

Government creates Qualifica Industry Program

A new program to support training in the industrial sector has been launched to promote job retention and prevent the risk of unemployment in companies with a drop in turnover of 25 or more in a quarter. The Qualifica Indústria Program is aimed at micro small and medium-sized companies. It supports ...

Centro de Atendimento Consular lança serviço de assistência por videochamada para apoio na realização de serviços online

As of September 15 2023 the Consular Service Center CAC will offer a video call assistance service. This service helps Portuguese citizens living abroad to carry out online services available on the ePortugal portal. Video call assistance complements the existing telephone and email services making ...

The Agri-Food Price Observatory platform is now available

The government has launched the Agri-Food Price Observatory a platform that tracks price trends throughout the agri-food chain i.e. from production to the end consumer. The platform will provide updated information every month on the prices of a basket of 26 food products organized into the followin ...