Sign up to AforroNet

On the AforroNet portal you can make subscription and redemption requests for Saving Certificates and Treasury Certificates.

In AforroNet you can also consult your certificates' statements, change the address and contact details associated with your Saving Account, and issue IRS declarations.

Who can sign up to AforroNet?

What are the documents and requirements to sign up to AforroNet?

To sign up to AforroNet you need to be the holder of a Savings Account.

How sign up to AforroNet?

Signing up AforroNet is done in 2 steps.

1st step

Enter the AforroNet portal and choose the tab "Adesão".

You will have to:

  • indicate your savings account number
  • enter 4 random digits of your tax number (NIF)
  • choose a user ID for you on the portal (Keep this ID well. You will need it each time you log on to Aforronet).

After joining, a letter will be sent to your fiscal address with the access code/password for the AforroNet portal.

Step 2

After receiving the letter with the access code/password, enter the AforroNet portal and choose the "Activação" tab.

You will have to:

  • enter your user ID on the portal
  • enter the access code/password you received in the letter
  • enter 2 random digits of your tax number (NIF)

After activating your membership, the portal will ask you to define a new access code/password of your choice.

What is the Price to sign up to AforroNet?

It's free.