Add identification documents in app

The is a mobile application that allows you to save, consult and share, via mobile phone (smartphone), the data from the identification documents that are available in the app, for example: the Citizen Card and the Driving License.

The digital documents in the app have the same validity as the original documents, this validity can be checked through the app installed in another mobile device.

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Who can add identification documents in app?

What documents can be added to the app?

You can add the following documents:

Civil ID:

  • Citizen Card


  • Driver's license
  • Single Automobile Document (DUA)


  • ADSE Card
  • Blood Donor Card


  • Employee Card (public employee document)
  • Cartão Único do Portuário (Single Port Card)
  • Cartão de Profissional da Cultura (Cultural Affairs' Worker Card)


  • Defense digital identification
  • Former Combatant Card
  • Military Sickness Assistance Card (ADM)


  • Cartão Jovem (European Youth Card)

How add identification documents in app?

To add documents on you must have an active Mobile Digital Key (CMD).

Download the application at:

After installing the application on your mobile phone, you will need to login with the Mobile Digital Key to add the personal documents available through this service.

What you can do with the app?

Consult the documents data

The app allows you to consult the data of your identification documents on your mobile phone.

Provide identification to authorities or services

Digital documents on the app are an alternative to physical documents when you need to present them to authorities or services, provided that these authorities or services have a means to verify the digital documents.

If necessary or requested, you can select the QR code option so that the authorities or services can read and validate the digital document you are presenting.

Create a digital certificate from a document

The app allows you to export the data from each document to a corresponding PDF file. This way, you will create a digital certificate, which you can share with third parties, by email or other channels.

You can, for example, send a digital certificate of your Citizen Card data to prove your address.

The digital certificate in PDF file is automatically signed with a qualified digital signature, recognized, and certified by the Portuguese State and by Regulation 910/2014 of the European Union.

Some PDF readers may not recognize the digital signature. However, the digital signature is valid.

Validate the digital document data of a third party

The app allows you to check the authenticity of the data of a digital document of a third party

  • through the option "Validate document" - by pointing the camera of your mobile phone to the QR code of the other person's document
  • through the option "Access code" - by entering the code generated by the other person's document.

Use the app in offline mode

The app works in offline mode (no internet connection) or online. In offline mode it is only possible to consult the data of the digital documents stored in the app. app in Portugal and abroad

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