Activate the Digital Mobile Key

With the Digital Mobile Key (CMD) you can access various public or private portals, and sign digital documents, always with the same access credentials.

Those who have a Citizen Card can request the CMD online, by video call or at a service desk. Those who do not have a Citizen Card or who have an Identity Card must activate it at the desk.

The Digital Mobile Key is free and must be associated with a cell phone number that is not associated with another CMD.

Service channels

Learn where you may carry out the service and what are the advantages of each channel

  • Online

    Activate now on the Authenticaçã mobile app or on the Autenticaçã portal (with Citizen Card and card reader)

    Free of charge

    You can also activate with the access data to the Finance Portal - you have to wait for the letter with the temporary PIN

    This service can be done with telephone or video call support. Click on the "Support" button on the right side of the page for more information

    Available on app

    Activation is done through facial verification (biometrics). You need a valid Citizen Card and a mobile phone with camera.

  • Only for Portuguese Citizen Card holders. Name and surname required for scheduling the appointment. Call is in Portuguese

    Free of charge

    Activation is done with biometrics (face verification). Choose a place with good lighting, no noise and be alone

  • Available in the entire Citizen Spots network

    Free of charge

    Also available at IRN service desks, the Criminal Registry services, Portuguese consular posts, RIAC Azores and RENTEV service desks

Who can activate the Digital Mobile Key?

Activate the Mobile Digital Key online

Anyone with a Portuguese Citizen's Card can now activate the Mobile Digital Key online through the Autentiçã mobile application. CMD activation is also available on the Autentiçã portal, with a card reader, or with access credentials from Portal das Finanças.

Autenticaçã App

The activation of the Mobile Digital Key in the mobile app is done through biometrics (facial recognition).

You will need:

  • have with you the valid Citizen Card, and with the digital certificate of authentication active
  • have the application Authenticaçã for Android or for iOS installed on a mobile phone with photo camera
  • have the mobile phone that you are going to associate to the CMD
  • be in a well-lit place.

In the application, simply choose the option "Activate" and follow the instructions. The photos you take of the Citizen Card must be well lit and have good readability.

You will need

Enter the Autenticaçã portal and follow the following instructions:

  1. Click on "activate with Citizen Card"
  2. Authenticate yourself with the Citizen Card
  3. Fill in the new registration form
  4. Enter the validation code you received in the mobile phone number you indicated.

You can activate the Mobile Digital Key with the username and password that you use to access Portal das Finanças. Activation is only complete once you receive the temporary PIN letter in the mail.

You will need:

Enter the Autenticaçã portal and follow the following instructions:

  1. Click on "ativar via Portal das Finanças".
  2. Authenticate yourself with your access data to Portal das Finanças and fill in the new registration form.

After the request, a letter with the temporary CMD PIN code will be sent to the Citizen's Card address. This code must be used in the first authentication to complete the CMD activation.

After the first authentication, you will have to change the temporary PIN code to a code of your choice (it must have between 4 and 8 numbers).

The first authentication can be done in any portal with access through the Mobile Digital Key.

You can, for example, authenticate on Autenticaçã and enter your reserved area, where you can manage the functionalities of your Mobile Digital Key.

Note: If you activate the CMD with the access credentials of Portal das Finanças, you will only be able to activate the digital signature functionality of the CMD in a counter. Learn more on the page Activate the digital signature of the Mobile Digital Key.


Activate the Mobile Digital Key by video call

Only available for people with Portuguese Citizen Card. The service is done by video call in which an assistant makes the activation of the Mobile Digital Key through facial recognition (biometrics). The image of your face and your Citizen Card will be captured.

You will need:

  • Valid Portuguese Citizen Card with the digital certificate of authentication active
  • mobile phone number that you will associate with the CMD
  • computer or mobile device with camera and microphone
  • be alone in a well lit place.

Note: The video call must be scheduled. To activate the CMD by video call, go to the "Customer service channels" table and, in the video call tab, click on "Schedule".

Activate the Mobile Digital Key at the location

What is required to activate:

Portuguese people

  • Citizen Card or Identity Card
  • have with you the mobile phone that you will associate to CMD.

Foreign people

  • Passport, Title or Residence Card
  • mobile phone number and the respective mobile phone with you at the moment of activation
  • have taxpayer number (for CMD associated to Title or Residence Card).

Places where you can activate the Mobile Digital Key

You can activate the Mobile Digital Key in person:

Note: Foreigners need to have a Fiscal Identification Number (taxpayer number) to activate the CMD with a Citizen Card or Residence Permit. If you want to activate the CMD with passport, it is recommended that you also associate the taxpayer number, Social Security and National Health Service, to take greater advantage of the CMD.

What is the validity of the Digital Mobile Key?

What is the support legislation?