View the driving licence points

When you get your Portuguese driving licence, you are given 12 initial points. The points-based driving licence system penalises traffic offences and rewards good driving practices.

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Who can view the driving licence points?

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How view the driving licence points?


On the Driver's Desk

  • Log in to the Driver's Desk
  • Authorize access to your personal data.

On the Portal de Contraordenações Rodoviárias

At a service desk

Go to a Citizen Spot, where an assistant will help you check your driving license points online.

Some GNR (National Guard) and PSP (Police) stations give information on traffic offences. See the list of these locations on the Autoridade Nacional da Segurança Rodoviária (ANSR) portal.

How do driving licence points work?

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Entity responsible for this service

Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária