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Practices Guides | How to request NIF and NISS for foreign citizens in Portugal

How to request NIF and NISS for foreign citizens in Portugal

Services | Exchange a foreign driving licence for a Portuguese driving licence

Driving licenses from countries such as Angola Brazil Cape Verde Switzerland and the United Kingdom among other OECD and CPLP members allow you to drive in Portugal without having to exchange them for a Portuguese driver s license. If your driving licence is from an European Union country you can dr ...

Services | Schedule the request or collection of the Passport

Set a date and time to request or pick up your Portuguese passport. Avoid waiting queues and time losses. The scheduling is free of charge and it may be carried out through the Siga scheduling portal and the SigaApp mobile application Android/IOS or by phone. We wait for you on the time and place se ...

Services | Request a short-term Schengen visa

The Schengen visa for short stay allows you to stay in Portugal for a maximum period of 90 days. It is usually requested for reasons of tourism business or family visits. The visa does not automatically guarantee entry into Portugal. At the border or any other control point additional documentation ...

Services | Confirm the change of address of the Citizen Card

The confirmation completes the process of changing the address of your Portuguese Citizen Card. You must confirm the change of address once you have received the confirmation letter and within the time limit indicated on it.

Services | Apply for a Social Security Identification Number (NISS)

The Social Security Identification Number NISS allows access to rights and obligations in Social Security. Persons with a citizen s card do not need to apply for an NISS because this number already appears on the citizen s card. Legal persons companies also don t need to ask for the NISS. When compa ...

Services | Request the European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Insurance Card EHIC allows you to receive medical assistance during a temporary stay in a country of the European Union Iceland Liechtenstein Norway or Switzerland. Medical care is provided through that country s social security system which means that some health care may not be ...

Services | Request portuguese nationality

Portuguese Nationality may be acquired at birth or during a person s lifetime. The attribution of Portuguese nationality may depend on the person s place of birth how many years he/she has lived in Portugal the nationality of his/her family members or spouse the relationship with the Portuguese comm ...

Services | Apply for a residence visa for family reunification

Apply for a residence visa for family reunification

Services | Obtain a National Health Service (SNS) user number

A National Health Service SNS national user number is allocated to anyone who needs healthcare at SNS public facilities. Portuguese citizens get a national user number automatically when they apply for a Citizen Card the number is printed on the back of the card . Non-nationals are allocated a numbe ...