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Practices Guides | Travelling abroad

On holiday or for work travelling abroad even for short periods of time requires some preparation. Make sure you meet all the conditions for travel whether at the time of departure or on your return from the necessary documents and vaccinations you must take. In case of emergency know what you have ...

Practices Guides | Migrants: Education in Portugal for children, youth and adults

Education is present at all stages of life. If you are considering coming to live in Portugal you should know that everyone has the right to education as well as access to vocational and continuing training. You can find information on Education system in Portugal Education of refugee children and y ...

Practices Guides | People with disabilities

People with disabilities who find themselves in a situation of socio-economic deprivation and inequality dependency or social vulnerability may be entitled to certain social assistance. The information in this section is organised as follows Social support for people with disabilities Allowance for ...

Services | Simulator for the salary bonus to value qualifications

Simulator for the salary bonus to value qualifications