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Services | Consulting a permanent certificate of commercial registration

The permanent certificate of commercial registration provides online access to the register entries and documents of businesses companies cooperatives public undertakings or other entities in the commercial register. There are three types of permanent certificate of commercial registration permanent ...

Practices Guides | Local Lodging

Know how to start exploiting a local accommodation establishment - house apartment lodging establishments rooms.

Services | Request the permanent certificate of commercial registration

The permanent certificate enables online access to registries and documents of any entity subject to commercial registry 8212 companies partnerships cooperatives State-owned companies and others. It may be requested online and replaces the commercial registry certificate in paper. The commercial reg ...

Services | Recrutamento no estrangeiro

The Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional IEFP Employment and Professional Training Institute helps the companies find employees on other countries. Learn more about the recruitment and employees selection services abroad and submit your job offers. This service is free of charge.

Services | Commercial Registry - Request

Commercial registry enables access to acts and facts regarding the legal status of companies partnerships and other entities or sole traders. With the commercial registry service various events may be registered from the formation of an entity to its cancellation. Commercial registries may be carrie ...

Services | Establish a company on the spot

Establish your company in a quick and simple way on a Company on the Spot reception desk. This service allows to establish limited companies single-member companies and public-limited companies.

Services | Requesting an inspection of fuel storage facilities

The purpose of an inspection of fuel storage facilities is to verify that the design of the facilities complies with the approved conditions and requirements.

Services | Consult VAT

Information and the possibility to consult the taxpayer s VAT situation online.

Services | Create a company online

Use the Online Company service to easily and quickly start a company. You no longer need to go to a service desk to set up commercial companies and civil law companies having a commercial form. You can incorporate your company online at any time. This service enables the incorporation of Private Lim ...