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Services | Applying for a Taxpayer Identification Number for a natural person

The taxpayer identification number TIN is a form of personal identification that is essential for purchasing goods or services entering into contracts opening bank accounts etc. Portuguese nationals with a valid Citizen s Card already have a TIN allocated to them. If you are not in the aforementione ...

Services | Apply for a Social Security Identification Number (NISS)

The Social Security Identification Number NISS allows access to rights and obligations in Social Security. Persons with a citizen s card do not need to apply for an NISS because this number already appears on the citizen s card. Legal persons companies also don t need to ask for the NISS. When compa ...

Services | Simulate and submit the annual tax return statement

The individuals who obtain earnings must submit every year a statement of the Personal Income Tax tax return . The statement is normally submitted during April and May and online.

Services | File the self-employment registration

The self-employed workers must register themselves on the Tax Office. To do so they must submit a self-employment registration certificate.

Services | Sign up at the job centre

Informações e possibilidade de realizar online a inscrição para emprego do Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional IEFP .

Services | Request the old-age pension

It is an amount paid monthly aimed to protect the beneficiaries of the general social security scheme in the case of old-age replacing the work wages from 66 years and 7 months in 2022 and 66 years and 4 months in 2023 .

Services | Consult VAT

Information and the possibility to consult the taxpayer s VAT situation online.

Services | Apoio a candidatos a emprego - informação

The Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional IEFP Employment and Professional Training Institute has several measures to help the job-seekers enter into the labour market. These measures include for instance supports to entrepreneurship traineeships compensation for jobs with a salary below the ...

Services | IRS - comprovativo

Access online your tax return statements to know its status and to obtain a proof of delivery. Learn where you can submit your request and what are the advantages of each channel

Services | Visto de Residência para o exercício de atividade profissional independente ou para emigrantes empreendedores

Informação sobre como e onde realizar o pedido de visto de residência para o exercício de uma atividade profissional independente ou para emigrantes empreendedores em Portugal.