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Services | Exchange a foreign driving licence for a Portuguese driving licence

Driving licenses from countries such as Angola Brazil Cape Verde Switzerland and the United Kingdom among other OECD and CPLP members allow you to drive in Portugal without having to exchange them for a Portuguese driver s license. If your driving licence is from an European Union country you can dr ...

Services | Paying vehicle circulation tax (Imposto Único de Circulação, IUC)

Vehicle circulation tax IUC is paid annually and is compulsory for all vehicles registered in Portugal. The IUC payment document can be requested online or at the relevant office.

Services | Get a driving license

To drive a vehicle on public roads you must be legally qualified i.e. you must have a driving licence. You can obtain a licence to drive a car from the age of 18. There are different categories of driving licence depending on the vehicle you wish to drive. As a rule anyone over the age of 18 who has ...

Services | View the record of ‘contraordenações’ (traffic offences)

Contraordenações are infractions to the Portuguese Highway Code classified in three types leves light graves serious and muito graves very serious . The Driver s Desk application available on ePortugal allows you to consult your history of administrative offenses among others. You will not be able t ...

Services | Add identification documents in app

The is a mobile application that allows you to save consult and share via mobile phone smartphone the data from the identification documents that are available in the app for example the Citizen Card and the Driving License. The digital documents in the app have the same validity ...

Services | Replace documents in the “I Lost My Wallet” Desk

In this reception desk you may request the replacement of documents due to loss theft or alteration of your personal data name and address . To use this reception desk you need to schedule the service and process at least two of the following documents Citizen Card driving license single automobile ...

Services | View the driving licence points

When you get your Portuguese driving licence you are given 12 initial points. The points-based driving licence system penalises traffic offences and rewards good driving practices.

Services | Register an imported vehicle

To legalize a vehicle purchased abroad in Portugal you must request a registration. Registrations may be assigned to new used vehicles or those acquired at public auction. The vehicles include cars mopeds and motorcycles tricycles and quadricycles trucks trailers agricultural tractors and industrial ...

Services | Request the Certificate of registration - single car document

Informação e possibilidade de realizar online o pedido de Certificado de matrícula (Documento Único Automóvel).

Services | Request the car registration certificate

Information on how and where to request a car registration certificate.