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How can you National Centres of Migrants’ Integration Support (CNAIM)?

The National Centres of Migrants’ Integration Support (CNAIM) are structures dependent on the High Commissariat for Migrations (ACM, I.P.) and were created in 2004 to respond to the different difficulties experienced by the migrants in their integration process in Portugal. The CNAIM agglomerate and promote the cooperation, in the same space and with an identical operating philosophy, of the main services  of Public Administration and specialized support offices coordinated by ACM, being deemed as fundamental structures for the integrated response to the citizens/migrants.

Any citizen/migrant may access the CNAIM, within the operation hours of the Centres, which vary according to their location.

Due to the number of users, there may be limitations to the tickets for certain services and you may need to carry out a prior scheduling for some offices, through the Migrants Support Line.

At the CNAIM, you may process matters regarding the following services: 

  • Immigration and Borders Service
  • Work Conditions Authority
  • Social Security
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education
  • Central Registries Office
  • Citizen Space.

Note: Consult the page “National Centre of Migrants’ Integration Support (CNAIM)” to confirm which services are provided by each institution in the North, Lisbon and Algarve CNAIM.

At the CNAIM, you may find, besides the above-mentioned public institutions, specialized support offices, created to counsel and support you in your integration in Portugal: 

  • Welcome and Screening Office
  • Social Affairs and Inclusion Office
  • Legal Support Office
  • Support Office to Employability, Higher Education and Qualification.

Therefore, the migrants have access, in a same location and free of charge, to different institutions and offices which work in close collaboration and allow to more efficiently solve the issues regarding their integration process in Portugal, as these services provide support, information, referral, counselling and, sometimes, develop mediation activities on the issues/problems raised by the migrants. Whenever necessary, a referral between offices/institutions may occur.

The citizen who goes to the CNAIM will find a specialized team of technicians with different origins and nationalities and which cultural and linguistic proximity to the migrants, academic qualification and acquisition of specialized skills within the migration and customer support area allows a customized service. They play a crucial role on mitigating the distance between the public administration services and the citizens, by promoting the communication between the migrants and the services.

In situations in which the citizen only speaks a language not mastered by any of our technicians working at CNAIM, it is possible to use the Telephone Translation Service, which covers about 56 languages.

The CNAIM carry out a face-to-face service. Nevertheless, you may call the Migrants Support Line, a service which provides information within the migrations area, in several languages, to: 808 257 257 (landline) or 21 810 61 91 (mobile), from Monday to Friday, on business days, from 9 A.M. and 7 P.M.

This line also allows to schedule, by phone, the service at any of the CNAIM’s support offices and, if you carried out a prior scheduling, you will be given a ticket which allows to go directly to the intended service.

Children Space: If you bring children with you, you may leave them at the “Children Space”, where they may play and have fun while you deal with your issue. The children are always accompanied by a specialized technician.