What are the documents and requirements to Pay the tax of a vehicle purchased abroad?

  • Together with the Customs Vehicle Declaration - DAV, you must submit:

    • Vehicle’s purchase invoice (or a sale declaration if you purchased the vehicle to another person/individual).
    • Original documents of the vehicle (registration certificate or ownership registration certificate).
    • Support document of the vehicle’s transport to Portugal and this service payment receipt (if the vehicle did not arrive in Portugal by road).
    • Certificate of compliance - except if you submit the Number of the National Approval Registry issued by IMT, comprising the taxation elements of the ISV applicable to the vehicle (cubic capacity, CO2 emissions, particles) and the tax is calculated based on this registry’s elements.
    • National technical approval (model 9) issued by IMT.
    • Technical inspection certificate (model 112) issued by IMT.
    • Support document of the effective measurement of CO2 emissions through a legally authorized technical centre (Category B Inspection Centres), whenever this element is not part of the vehicle’s certificate of compliance.
  • To use the Tax Authority Portal, you may need to use one of the following sign-in methods:

    • access data to the Tax Authority Portal
    • Citizen Card, PIN codes and card reader
    • Digital Mobile Key.