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How unblock the Mobile Digital Key (CMD)?

CMD temporarily blocked
If you dial the wrong PIN code three times in a row, the CMD will temporarily block. You will receive an SMS with this information and the number of minutes you have to wait until you can try again.

Just wait and dial the correct PIN. The CMD will be working normally.
If you continue to miss the PIN, the waiting time will increase and after a few attempts the CMD will block permanently.

CMD permanently blocked
If you permanently lock the CMD, there is no longer any chance of waiting until you can dial the correct PIN code. You really have to unlock the CMD.

You can unlock the CMD, whether it is temporarily or permanently locked, in the following ways:

On the internet
You will need to authenticate yourself with the Citizen Card.

  1. Log in and enter the reserved area of the portal
  2. Choose the tab "My Mobile Digital Key".
  3. Click on "unlock".
  4. You will be asked to choose a new PIN code for the CMD
  5. You will then receive a security code on your mobile phone to validate the operation.

At a service counter
If you are not able to unblock the CMD through the internet, as indicated above, go to a Espaço Cidadão and ask them to unblock your CMD. Bring the identification document associated with your accreditation card and the mobile phone number associated with your accreditation card.

If you want to unblock the CMD of another person who is a minor, it is not necessary that the minor also goes to the counter. Don't forget to bring the identification document associated with the minor's CMD and the mobile phone number associated with the minor's CMD.