How can you Submit a complaint through the anti-dumping instrument?

The European Union’s external trade policy seeks for trade liberalization based on the respect of rules, without prejudice to the possibility of resorting to certain procedures aimed at protecting the market against certain unfair trade practices in third countries.

Anti-dumping is the most known Trade Defence Instrument (IDC). Dumping is an unfair trade practice condemned by the World Trade Organization (WTO), through its Anti-dumping Agreement, which establishes the exact requirements and procedures that all WTO members must follow in order to act against this practice that generates economic distortions, causing serious injury to industry in the affected countries (loss of competitiveness, unemployment...).

In Portugal, the Directorate-General for Economic Activities of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition is the body responsible for follwoing the Union's trade defence proceedings and defining the national position, to be assumed in the Trade Defence Instruments Committee, of the European Commission.

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