Who is entitled to the social benefits for disabled individuals?

To the social responses are entitled the disabled individuals who are in a situation of socioeconomic hardship and inequality, dependency or social vulnerability.

The social responses are the following:

  1. Service/monitoring and social rehabilitation centre
  2. Home support service
  3. Occupational activities centre
  4. Foster care
  5. Residential establishments
  6. Passenger transport
  7. Holiday and leisure centres
  8. Outpatient regime’s support.
  1. Service/monitoring and social rehabilitation centre

Social response which aims to ensure the service, monitoring and the social rehabilitation’s process to disabled and handicap individuals and to provide empowering and support services to their families or informal caregivers, on the following ways:

  • Service, and
  • Social monitoring and Rehabilitation.
  1. Home support service

Social response which consists of the provision of care and services to families and/or individuals who are at home, in a situation of physical and/or psychic dependency, who are unable to meet, temporarily or permanently, their basic needs and/or to perform their daily life’s essential activities, and who do not benefit from family support for this purpose.

  1. Occupational activities centre

Social response which aims to promote activities for young people and adults, over 16 years old, with a severe disability.

  1. Foster care

Social response which consists of the temporary or permanent integration of adult disabled individuals in families able to offer them a stable and safe environment.

  1. Residential establishments

Equipment intended for disabled and handicap individuals, with the following types:

  • Residential home - Collective accommodation establishment, of temporary or permanent use, for disabled and handicap individuals, 16 years old or older, who are unable to live on their family environment.
  • Autonomous residence - Temporary or permanent accommodation establishment, in an apartment, house or other similar type, intended for disabled and handicap individuals, 18 years old or older, who, with support, are able to live autonomously.
  1. Passenger transport

Customized transport and assistance service for disabled individuals, regardless of their age (in the districts of Lisbon and Oporto).

  1. Holiday and leisure centres

Social response aimed for all age groups and families to meet the leisure and routine breaks’ needs, essential for the physical, psychological and social balance of its users.

  1. Outpatient regime’s support

Social response which aims to develop therapeutic and socio-educational assessment, orientation and intervention activities with 7 years old or older disabled individuals.

To know more details about the social responses, consult the Social Security’s Portal.