How can you Request a death certificate?

The certificate may be online or issued in paper:

  • Online certificate - It is requested online, issued in digital support and able to be consulted online for six months.
  • In paper - It may be requested online or in person and, usually, it has no validity term.

If the death registry is over 30 years old, before requesting the certificate, contact the registry office to know if the registry has already been sent to the district archive. If it has been sent to the district archive, you must request the certificate directly to the archive.

Request a certificate online

  1. Go to the Civil Online webpage.
  2. Pick one of the following options:
  • “Sign in with authentication”, if you hold a Citizen Card or a lawyer, notary or solicitor’s professional license
  • “Sign in without authentication”.
  1. Follow the instructions.
  2. When the certificate is available, you will receive an email or SMS with the code to consult the certificate.
  3. After becoming available, the certificate may be consulted for six months, through the access code sent. If any entity asks you for a death certificate, you may give them the access code (the online certificate has the same legal value as a paper certificate).

The online certificate always presents the information present in the death registry at its date of issue (that is, during the six months of validity, if there are any amendments to the registry, the certificate is not updated).

Request a certificate issued in paper support

Request online

  1. Access the service.
  2. Sign up with one of the following means:
  • access data to the Citizen Portal
  • the citizen card, the PIN code and the card reader
  • the Digital Mobile Key
  • the lawyer, notary or solicitor’s digital certificate.
  1. Follow the instructions.
  2. The certificate is issued in paper support and sent by mail to the address indicated.

Request in person

  1. Go to a service desk.
  2. Indicate all the data you are aware of from the death registry (registry number and year and registry office) or from the deceased individual (such as the full name, date of death, parentage and place of birth).
  3. The certificate is issued in paper support and delivered in the moment.