How can you Apply for a scholarship for higher education?

Access the student’s reserved area on the DGES website, enter your credentials (user code and password) and submit the application. The application for a scholarship may only be carried out online. During the application, you shall need to load some documents.

If in doubt, consult the applicant’s guide and the frequently asked questions. On the reserved area, you may also consult the applications results.

If you have applied for a scholarship in the past

Use the same credentials you have used on the previous years. If you do not remember them, you may recover them by clicking on I forgot the user code and/or the password.

If you applied for higher education on the same year

If you stated in your application for higher education that you intended to apply for a scholarship, use the link which has been sent by email, on the notification of receipt of application.

If the link is broken or if you did not receive the credentials to apply for a scholarship, you may obtain them by indicating your data.

If you cannot obtain your credentials through any of these ways, go to the Social Action Services (SAS) or to the Social Action Office of the higher education institution you are enrolled in and request the user code and password. You shall need to display your Citizen Card.