Who can Request the social benefit for inclusion?

  • The benefit may be requested by one of the following persons:

    • Relatives or similar of age, in direct ascending line and collateral line, up to 3rd degree(for example: great grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, children, step-children, step-parents, nephews and nieces, aunts and uncles) in the same household of the beneficiary, with parental responsibilities
    • Step-parents, legal guardians and people to whom the beneficiary is entrusted by judicial or administrative decision from legal competent entities or services
    • The beneficiary if 16 years or age or over, if emancipated
    • The beneficiary if 18 years of age or over
    • The beneficiary's legal representative
    • The person who assists or is willing to assist the beneficiary, whenever the beneficiary is awaiting designation of an escort, regarding the regime of escorted adult
    • The attorney, if the beneficiary is 18 years of age or over