How can you Request the divorce by mutual consent?

The divorce by mutual consent may be requested at any time, provided that the members of the couple reached an agreement. The divorce may include, or not, the sharing of the couple’s assets.

  1. Beginning of the process:

The divorce process may be initiated at:

  • the civil registry office chosen by the couple to carry out the process
  • online (in such case, the couple must indicate the registry office where they want the process to be carried out).
  1. Scheduling of a meeting with the couple

After the process is initiated, the registry office analyses the documents and, if everything is in place, a divorce meeting with the members of the couple (or with their representative(s)) is scheduled. The scheduling of this meeting depends on:

  • the availability of the registry office chosen
  • the favourable opinion of the Public Prosecution, if there are minor children or if the couple add, to the divorce procedure, an agreement for the regulation of the parental responsibilities.