What are the documents and requirements to Request the divorce by mutual consent?

  • ​​​​​​A written request stating that you wish to get a divorce (its not mandatory to bring this request as it may be carried out in the registry office).
  • A written agreement or the certificate of the court’s judgement on the parental responsibilities, if there are minor children.
  • A written agreement on the payment of a food allowance of a member of the couple to the other, if the couple agrees on such a payment.
  • A written agreement which establishes the fate of the residence (family residence), if applicable.
  • A written agreement on the fate of the pets, if applicable.
  • The relationship of the common assets with the indication of their values, in the case of a divorce without sharing, or an agreement on the sharing of the assets, in the case of a divorce with sharing.
  • The pre-nuptial agreement certificate, if the pre-nuptial agreement was carried out in a registry office and the property scheme chosen is not part of the marriage registry.

Before preparing these documents, consult this page to learn more about the requirements to be complied with.

If you initiate the process online, you will need the following access data

If you hold a Citizen Card

You will need to sign up. Therefore, you will need:

  • the Citizen Card, with the activated digital signature certificate
  • a card reader.

If you hold a lawyer’s professional license

You will need to use your lawyer’s digital certificate.