What are the documents and requirements to Adopt a child?

  • Forms

    The forms are provided in the first training session for adoption.

  • Documents (of the applicants to adoption)

    • An update birth certificate
    • A valid identification document (Citizen Card, identity document, passport)
    • A certificate from the Parish Council, if they have a non-marital relationship
    • A criminal record certificate for adoption purposes (of all household members over 16 years old)
    • A certificate of usual residence
    • A medical certificate form to be filled in by your doctor
    • A copy of the last tax return statement or the receipts of your received income: the receipt from the month prior to the application for adoption (if you receive a fixed salary) or the receipts from the three months prior to the application for adoption (if your income vary).
    • Social Security identification number, if you do not submit the Citizen Card.
  • Documents only necessary for foreign citizens living in Portugal

    • Certificate on adoption matters from their home country.
    • Criminal record certificate for adoption purposes issued by the authorities of their home country.