How can you Apply for the “Porta 65-Jovem” Programme?

  1. Check if the applications to the programme are open. As a rule, it opens in April, May, September and December and the dates for the application are published on the housing portal.
  2. Access the applications area of the housing portal.
  3. Sign in with your tax payer number and password of the Finances Portal (or with the Digital Mobile Key or citizen card + PIN code + card reader). If you apply jointly with other individuals, they all must sign in and fill in their data (the children do not need to sign in).
  4. Fill in the form and annex all the necessary documents.
  5. After filling in the form, choose the option “Send to IHRU”.
  6. Make sure that, at the end, the application is under the “submitted” status.
  7. The requests shall be analysed within 60 days from the closing of applications. The results of the applications approved for the support shall be published on the housing portal.