How can you Request the exemption from the vehicle tax when moving to Portugal?

The exemption request must be carried out online, at the Tax Authority Portal:

  1. Access the Tax Authority Portal and login with your taxpayer number and password of the Tax Authority Portal.
  2. Go to Customs Services > IEC/ISV > Vehicles Customs Declaration (DAV) > DAV - create DAV.
  3. Fill in and submit the form 1460.1 - Requests within the scope of the Vehicle Tax and the Vehicles Customs Declaration (DAV).
  4. Save the DAV’s number generated by the computer system. You may use this number to consult or print the DAV at Consultations > Consult DAV. You may also monitor the vehicle’s tax regularisation process.

To access the DAV, you must be registered in the Automobile Taxation System

You may only access the electronic DAV at the Tax Authority Portal after you are registered in the Automobile Taxation System. To be registered:

  1. Login on the Tax Authority Portal.
  2. Access Customs > Registration.
  3. Fill in the registration form’s data.
  4. When the registration is accepted, you may access the DAV, logging in again on the Finances Portal.