What are the documents and requirements to Request the exemption from the vehicle tax when moving to Portugal?

  • Customs Vehicle Declaration - DAV
  • Model 1460.1 – Requests within the scope of ISV
  • Registration certificate/Ownership Registration Certificate of the vehicle to be legalized
  • Citizen Card (or identity document or passport + taxpayer card)
  • Official residence certificate issued by the country of origin, which proves:
    • that you are registered in the resident’s registry of that country
    • the start and end dates of the residence in that country.
  • Everyday life document to prove the residence in the country of origin, namely: receipts of house rental, water or electricity, payslips or proof of contributions for health and retirement schemes.
  • Authorisation for the consultation of the tax and contributory situation or, in its absence, a certificate proving the cleared tax and contributory situation (Decree-Law no. 114/2007 of 19 April).

For us to be able to communicate the necessary data for the assignment of the national registration plate to IMT, you must also submit the following documents:

To use the Tax Authority Portal, you may need to use one of the following sign-in methods:

  • access data to the Tax Authority Portal
  • Citizen Card, PIN codes and card reader
  • Digital Mobile Key.