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What are the documents and requirements to Exchange the military driving license for a civil license?

  • To submit the request, you shall need to display:

    • your identification document and the tax-payer card
    • a certified copy of the military driving license (driving certificate) you want to replace
    • a proof document of your military situation
    • an electronic medical certificate, which proves you are physical and mentally able to drive the vehicles of the categories allowed on the license
    • a psychological assessment certificate, which proves you are psychologically able to drive, if your license include the categories:
    • C
    • CE
    • D
    • DE
    • C1
    • C1E
    • D1
    • D1E
    • B and BE if you are a driver of:
    • ambulances
    • firefighting vehicles
    • transport of sick people vehicles
    • school transport vehicles
    • collective children transports
    • taxis.

    The medical certificate and the psychological assessment certificate may be issued by the military or security force to which the driver belongs.