How can you Initiate the marriage process?

On the location

  1. The process is initiated when the engaged couple declares their will to get married, at a civil registry office or online.

In this declaration, the engaged couple must indicate:

  1. If, after the process is assessed, the registry office concludes that no impediments are observed, the marriage is authorized. If the marriage is not authorized, the engaged couple is notified personally or through a registered letter.
  2. Until the day of the marriage, any individual may denounce, at the civil registry office, the existence of any impediments to that marriage.


  1. One of the engaged parties accesses to Civil Online > Marriage, signs up with the Citizen Card and submits the request.

To submit the request online, the individual must be over 18 years old, be Portuguese or Brazilian with the general rights and duties equality status and hold a Citizen Card.

  1. When you receive the message that the request has been submitted, the other engaged party also accesses to Civil Online > Marriage, signs up with their Citizen Card and confirms the request.
  1. The request is sent to the chosen registry office and the engaged couple is notified of the process’s progress.

It is not possible to prepare prenuptial agreements online

The prenuptial agreements are agreements on the marriage property effects. It is necessary to prepare a prenuptial agreement whenever, for instance, you wish to establish a marriage property scheme which is not the communion of acquired goods.

If the engaged couple wishes to prepare such an agreement, they must go to the civil registry office or to a notary office.