What are the documents and requirements to Initiate the marriage process?

In any case

You must submit the following documents of the engaged couple:

  • Citizen Card or identity document.
  • A prenuptial agreement certificate, if it has been prepared at a notary office.

If the engaged party is under 18 years old

The authorization of the parents or of the individual who legally represents the minor is necessary.

If the engaged party is foreign

You must submit:

Other documents, which are found to be crucial for your process’s assessment, may be required.

  • the passport or residence permit
  • the birth certificate (certified and translated into Portuguese, if the original certificate was written in a foreign language)
  • the affidavit of eligibility to marry, if the home country of the foreign engaged party issues this certificate.

If you make the request online

To sign up, you will need:

  • your Citizen Card, with an activated authentication certificate
  • a pin code for the Card’s authentication
  • a compatible card reader.

If the engaged couple is represented by their representatives, it is necessary to submit the power of attorney

The power of attorney may be granted through:

The power of attorney must identify the other engaged party (with the name, age, place of birth, usual residence and parentage) and indicate the property scheme and the marriage modality (civil, catholic or civil in a religious way).

  • an authenticated document
  • a public instrument (power of attorney written by a notary or by a Portuguese consulate officer)
  • a document signed by the represented, with a presential signature recognition.