What are the documents and requirements to Request a land registry certificate for a non-described building?

To request the certificate, you will need to submit:

  • the form to request the certificate (called request of a Negative Certificate) duly filled in and signed
  • your name, address, telephone number, email address
  • your identification Document (Citizen Card; Identity Document; Passport; or Residence Permit)
  • information about the property for which you request the certificate:
    • the nature, that is, if it is a rustic or urban building
    • its location
    • its area and composition, for instance:
      • pasture land
      • irrigated land
      • ground-floor house for residence purposes
      • barn
      • warehouse
      • house in ruins
    • the surroundings (the name of the proprietaries or owners of the surrounding buildings)
    • the current matrix article of the building (the number under which the land is registered at the finances services) and the previous matrix article
    • the name, civil status and address of the current proprietary or owner, and of the two previous ones (except if you do not know who were the two previous proprietaries or owners and justify why, when you submit the request)
    • if the request regards a share of a non-described and undivided building, you must indicate the name and civil status of all owners and also the names of their spouses.