Obtaining Portuguese nationality

As a foreign national from another Member State of the European Union, you may apply for Portuguese nationality if you meet certain conditions, such as:

  • you were born in Portugal
  • you have Portuguese parents or grandparents
  • you are married to a Portuguese person
  • you have lived legally in Portugal for at least 5 years

The procedures for applying for nationality may differ depending on the place where you were born, how many years you have lived in Portugal, the nationality of your family members, your relationship with the Portuguese community, etc.

Find out where to apply for Portuguese nationality and the requirements for submitting an application, according to your situation.

An application for Portuguese nationality costs EUR 250, and payment may be made in the following ways:

  • with a debit card, at the place where you submit the application
  • by cheque or postal order, if you apply by post

If you have already applied for Portuguese nationality, you can follow the status of your case online, using the query code. Find out how to get a query code. To consult your file in more detail, you should apply to the registry where you submitted your application or to the Central Registry.

Contacts for assistance

If you need more information, you should contact Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado (IRN):

  • Site - https://irn.justica.gov.pt 
  • E-mail - geral@irn.mj.pt
  • Adress - Avenida Dom João II n.º 1.8.01 D, Edifício H – Parque das Nações, Apartado 8295 1990-097 Lisboa
  • Telephone -  217 985 500
  • Fax - 217 817 693