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This card allows you to receive medical assistance during a temporary stay on a countrie of the European Union Iceland Liechtenstein Norway or Switzerland.

Renew the European Health Insurance Card

The prenatal family allowance is an instalment in cash assigned to the pregnant woman from the 13th pregnancy week which aims to promote motherhood through the compensation of the charges accrued during the pregnancy. This instalment is assigned for 6 months from the month following the 13th pregnan ...

Services | Request the social unemployment benefit

The social unemployment benefit is an instalment in cash that may be granted to those who are not entitled to an unemployment benefit or those who finished the concession period of the unemployment benefit and remain unemployed initial unemployment benefit and subsequent unemployment benefit to it r ...

Services | Request the old-age social pension

It is a monetary instalment assigned monthly from the normal age of access to the old-age pension of the general social security scheme which 66 years and 5 months.

The self-employed workers may be entitled to exemption from the payment of Social Security contributions in certain cases. Learn when and how you may request.

It is an allowance assigned to the applicants for adopters of a child under 15 years old aiming to replace the work income loss during the periods of impediments to the professional activity.

Services | Obtain information on the social support for children and adolescents in danger

Social support for children and adolescents in danger is a set of integrated responses of social care and support for children and adolescents in danger whose main objectives are to promote the rights and protect the children and adolescents in danger through responses aimed for the personal and soc ...

The family allowance is an instalment in cash paid monthly to compensate the family charges related to the support and education of children and adolescents.

Services | Request an increase of the allowance for single-parent families

The amount of the instalment of the prenatal family allowance or of the family allowance for children and adolescents increases 35 in the case of single-parent families.