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If you have the PIN code of your Citizen Card or the Digital Mobile Key CMD enabled you can easily and quickly change the address of your Citizen Card over the internet or over the telephone.

Services | Request a land registry certificate

This certificate issued in paper format is an evidence of the legal situation of a property at the date of issue. It gathers and describes the registries in force regarding that property. The land registry certificate proves for instance to whom the property belongs and if it is under any encumbranc ...

Consult online all the registries in force regarding a property even the pending registry requests. This certificate is always updated and available. To consult it you will need to insert an access code which is provided when you request the permanent certificate. You may use the code as many times ...

The Porta 65-Jovem is an incentive programme to the renting by young people. Any young person between 18 and 35 years old may apply In the case of a young couple one element may be 36 years old the other element may not exceed 34 . The support consists of the payment of part of the house rent and ma ...

The confirmation completes the process of address change on the Citizen Card.

Consult the assets seized by the Tax Authority or declared abandoned in favour of the State that are for sale. Among these assets are real state properties vehicles electronic equipment books fashion and sport supplies among others. Find out where they are and how to make a purchase offer.

Services | Rescisão de Contrato com a Beiragás – Pessoas Singulares

Rescisão de Contrato com a Beiragás – Pessoas Singulares

Contrato de fornecimento de água pela EPAL – celebração

Services | Request a land registry certificate for a non-described building

A building is deemed as non-described when it is not registered at the land registry. Learn how to request the certificate which proves that the building is under this situation. This certificate proves that the building built or unbuilt plot of land with the characteristics indicated on the request ...

The Casa Pronta service allows to process different subjects concerning the acquisition and registry of a property in a single moment and in a single reception desk.