Mobile applications (Apps)

The daily life of the caregiver and the person being cared for can also be facilitated with a number of mobile phone applications. Access some of the suggestions and download them to your mobile devices.


MySNS, the new mobile application that allows easy and intuitive access to digital health services on mobile devices.

In order to increase the proximity to the user and the transparency of the services provided, the new SNS  Portal was developed. App MySNS is an official application of the National Health Service and is the mobile connection to this portal and digital health services.

MySNS is a tool that allows you to consult National Health Service news, consult health information, provide a list and map of health institutions (Hospitals, Primary Health Care and Pharmacies), evaluate the quality and satisfaction of the SNS by the citizen, and consult information from the SNS Contact Centre 24; in addition you will receive notifications such as heat alerts, etc., associated with your location.

Download the application:

MySNS Tempos [Times]

Mobile application that allows consultation of the average waiting time in hospital institutions of the National Health Service. The user can consult, by institution, the average time of care in the emergency room.

Through the Manchester scale, the average waiting time is presented by degree of priority: red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

The data, periodically updated, are the responsibility of each hospital institution. The list of institutions may appear in order of proximity or by location on the map.

The application also allows to obtain more data about the hospital institution, such as address, telephone contacts and geographical location, through the use of the mobile device's GPS.

Download the application:

MySNS Carteira [Wallet]

Built according to the citizen's interest, MySNS Carteira gathers the citizen's health information in an application residing on their smartphone.

Through the SNS User number and validated with the information present in the National User Register (RNU), the electronic wallet allows the citizen to associate specific "cards" by informative components of his interest. Each card corresponds to one type of health information. All information is stored securely, using international standards.

Download the application:

INFARMED offers a mobile application that facilitates users' access to cheaper medicine prices.This tool allows the user, during the choice or purchase of a certain medicine, to identify other equivalent but cheaper medicines.

The identification of the medicines can be done through the optical reading of the bar code available on the medicine package or on the prescription, using the camera of the mobile phone or alternatively the name of the medicine through a selective search process.

The objective is to allow the user to simulate or confirm the total expenditure on one or more medications.

In addition to these advantages, the application also provides information on the package leaflet and allows the creation of a medicine prescription plan assisted by an alert system. Finally, the application provides the latest news and alerts, also accessible through INFARMED's website, as well as the location of the nearest pharmacies to the point where the user is.


  • Medicines research (cost analysis and alternative medicines)
  • Information leaflet search
  • Creation of medicines dose alarms
  • Pharmacy location with navigation and phone contact functionality
  • Infarmed News and Alerts

Download the application:


To complement ADSE DIRETA's online services, ADSE, I.P. launches the mobile app "MyADSE", a new digital communication channel with its beneficiaries.

How does the new "MyADSE" app make your life easier? Forgot or lost your ADSE beneficiary card? Don't worry. Identify yourself through the new Online Digital Card. Allows immediate confirmation of your rights and those of your family members!

Are you waiting for a refund? Don't worry. You'll get a message in the app every time we schedule a payment for you or your family members. This is a new exclusive service for "MyADSE" app users.
Are you travelling in Europe and need the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)? Just choose who will travel, and with a single tap send your request. The CESD are sent to the address that suits you best!

Do you want to receive correspondence from ADSE more quickly? Enter your profile, fill in your personal email, and activate the option "Privilege Email". Forget the paper, prefer the digital.

Did you change house, bank or even mobile? Update your and your family members' details, conveniently, anytime and anywhere.

You need to see a dentist or an optician and you don't know what the refund is? Make a quick refund simulation and find out the applicable values and rules.

Download the application:

App 112 for Deaf Citizens

The MAI112 App is exclusively dedicated to deaf citizens and aims to provide this population with a privileged channel of contact with the 112 Service for emergency communication.

The mobile application MAI112 supports the following features:

  • Videoconference with access to simultaneous translation through LGP interpreter.
  • Geolocation of the caller (sending the best location provided by the equipment)
  • Sending pre-defined and personalized messages by the deaf citizen caller.

Download dthe application:

APP Segurança Social Direta [Direct Social Security]

Mobile application of Social Security services of direct support to the citizen. 

Services available:

  • See the amount receivable and the expected date of payment of social benefits such as unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, maternity and paternity benefit, etc;
  • Access the Direct Social Security message box;
  • Synchronize the Social Security event calendar with the Mobile Agenda.

Download the application:

App Infovítimas PT

The Infovítimas app can be useful if you're a victim of a crime or know someone who was.

Being a victim of crime is a negative event to which anyone can be subjected throughout their life. In addition to the physical, psychological, economic and social consequences that crime can have, it is normal that involvement in a legal process can raise doubts and cause anxiety and fear. If you have been a victim of crime or know someone who has, this application can help you. Here you can find information about the criminal procedure, your rights and the services that can support you.

Download the application:

AppVD: App Against Domestic Violence

AppVD is a mobile application that allows you to request help and find support resources for victims of domestic violence.
With this application it is possible to get to know the services that are available and closest, file a report, request information or find entities that can provide legal support and/or follow-up to victims of domestic violence.

Download the application:

MAI Mobile

maiMobile is an Internal Administration (AI) application and provides information and AI services so that they are permanently accessible to the citizen.

Services available:

  • Location of the MAI Security Forces and Services (GNR and PSP);
  • “Estou Aqui Crianças” I'm Here Kids Programme;
  • “Estou Aqui Adultos” I'm Here Adults Programme;
  • “Verão Seguro” Safe Summer;
  • SMS Reboques [Trailers];
  • Inspection Technical Sheets;
  • Know where to vote.

Download the application: