Additional Information

Request Moderator Fee Exemption:  Allows you to request a moderator fee exemption.

Schedule appointments: Allows scheduling of appointments for Primary Health Care.

Renew chronic medication. It allows you to renew your medication in a simple and effective way.

Monitor your health. It allows you to monitor how your health is.

Access the Vaccination Bulletin. Allows to check if the vaccines are up to date and other related information.

Paperless Recipe Treatment Guides. It allows you to consult your recipes quickly.

Access the Electronic Health Register.The Electronic Health Register/Citizen Area allows you to access and manage your health information collected in the institutions of the National Health Service (SNS), anytime and anywhere.

Request proof of contact with SNS 24. Learn how to obtain the declaration of contact with SNS 24.

Priority Service. Information on priority care.

Assess Symptoms. It is a feature that allows citizens to assess their symptoms and obtain information and advice appropriate to their non-emergent health problem.

Free Access and Circulation (LAC). The Free Access and Circulation of Users in the SNS system (LAC) approved by Order no. 5911-B/2016, of 3 May, allows the user, together with the family doctor responsible for referral, to choose any of the SNS hospital units where there is the specialty consultation they need. This option allows the caregiver with the consent of the cared for person to access a specialty consultation in a hospital unit at their convenience.

My Health Diary. Diary is a tool that allows each person to personalize their health information, in order to better understand what influences their health in order to improve it and also to use health services more effectively. In the Diary you can write down relevant aspects of your life and health journey, schedule and prepare consultations or other activities important to your health, import content from multiple sources of information - including from the Health Literacy Library - and point out your thoughts on what you are interested in doing to ensure a healthy future.

Individual Care Plan (ICP). It is a tool for people with various health problems to better manage the health care they need. It allows them to record, according to the health professionals who accompany them, the current situation and the objectives defined for a certain period of time, thus sharing the work and responsibility among all those involved in this process. The PIC makes it possible to monitor the actions and behaviours agreed upon to achieve these objectives and evaluate the results achieved.

Medicine. This section allows you to: perform online consultation of out-of-stock medicines; search for services that dispense medicines at home or over the internet; consult the sale of non-prescription medicines; perform research on medicines; perform online consultation of out-of-stock medicines; perform online search of generic medicines on the market; perform online search of pharmacies; complain about services provided in a pharmacy.

Rights and Duties in the SNS. The rights and duties of users in the National Health Service (SNS) are enshrined in Law No. 15/2014 of 21 March, as amended by Decree-Law No. 44/2017, of 20 April, and in Ordinance 153/2017, of 4 May: right to choose; right to consent or refusal; right to receive adequate health care; right of access to health care; right to protection of personal data and privacy; right to secrecy; right to information; right to spiritual and religious assistance; right to lodge complaints and claims; right of association; right of minors and the incapacitated; right to monitoring.