Support Measures under the RNCCI

With the specific aim of ensuring the informal caregiver's rest, he or she can benefit from the following measures:

  • Referral of the person being cared for, within the National Network of Integrated Continued Care (RNCCI), to the internment unit, with the institutions of the RNCCI and RNCCI of mental health ensuring the appropriate response;
  • Home support services appropriate to the situation of the cared for person, in situations where it is more advisable to provide care at home, or when this is the wish of the informal caregiver and the cared for person.

Support Measures for People with Disabilities and/or Disability

Inclusion Desk. The Inclusion Desk has as its mission specialized and accessible information and mediation for people with disabilities and/or disabilities, their families, organizations and others who directly or indirectly intervene in the disability area. The main themes are: accessibility; priority care; medical certificate of multi-use disability; tax benefits; culture, sport and leisure; education; employment and vocational training; parking; housing; early intervention; model of support for independent living; non-discrimination; parenting; social provision for inclusion; support products / technical assistance; social protection; health.

Independent Life Support Centers. The Independent Life Support Model - MAVI, materializes through the creation of Independent Life Support Centres (CAVI), structures responsible for providing personal assistance to people with disabilities.

Personal Assistance.  Personal assistance corresponds to a specialized independent life support service, through which support is made available to the person with disability or incapacity to carry out activities that, due to the limitations resulting from their interaction with the conditions of the environment, they cannot carry out by themselves. It is up to the person with a disability or incapacity, or whoever legally represents them, to request personal assistance, through a formal expression of interest, from a CAVI in their area of residence.

Personal assistance may be available in several areas:

  • Support activities in the fields of hygiene, food, health maintenance and personal care;
  • Support activities in domestic assistance;
  • Travel support activities;
  • Communication mediation activities;
  • Support activities in a work context;
  • Activities to support vocational training attendance;
  • Activities to support higher education and research attendance;
  •  Support activities in culture, leisure and sport;
  • Support activities in active job search;
  • Activities to support the creation and development of social support networks;
  • Activities to support participation and citizenship;
  • Activities to support decision-making, including the collection and interpretation of information necessary for decision making.

Accessibilities. Accessibility can be described as the characteristic of an environment, equipment, product, object or service that gives it the possibility to ensure all its potential users an equal opportunity of use, in a friendly manner and with dignity and safety. The guarantee of accessibility is a fundamental condition for people's quality of life and is essential for the full exercise of the rights and duties conferred on any member of a democratic society in the exercise of their citizenship. Information on the legal regime of accessibility, accessibility to transport, digital accessibility, "accessible beach for all!" programme and universal design.

Support Measures for People with Cancer

Portuguese League Against Cancer. Activities: Support for the cancer patient and family, in health promotion, cancer prevention and stimulating training and research in oncology. Information on Support: Social, Psychological, Emotional, Legal, Medical-Expert, Informative and Occupational. Volunteering in Oncology and Health Education. Emotional support includes: self-help groups for family members of cancer patients; MovAplar - Movement to Support Laryngectomized People; MAPO - Movement to Support the Ostomized Person; Winning and Living Movement - aims to support all women, family members and friends since breast cancer is diagnosed. Tracking. General Rights of the Oncological Patient.

Support Measures for People with Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies

SICAD. Intervention Service in additive behaviours and dependencies. It allows the research of existing structures of support in the intervention of this type of behaviour. Models, answers and interventions.

Support Measures for People with Chronic Pain

Pain Units in Portugal (a list of these units will soon be available and is being updated). For better management of chronic pain, pain units were created. The family health team or the long-term care team can be contacted and refer you to your nearest Unit. If you are in a hospital setting you can also be referred to the Pain Unit.