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A marriage certificate is a document which confirms the facts in the marriage registry. The certificate may be issued in paper or online.

The marriage process is initiated when the engaged couple goes a civil registry office and declare their will to get married. They may also do it online. In the marriage process the engaged couple may also be represented by their representatives with special powers. The process is concluded with the ...

Services | Register a birth abroad

Registar um nascimento no estrangeiro

Services | Register a birth

In Portugal when a child is born their registry is mandatory. Therefore it is necessary to declare their birth. All children born in Portugal must be registered even if the parents are foreign.

Services | Request a divorce process certificate

A divorce certificate is a certified copy if the divorce by mutual consent process s content.

Services | Adopt a child

Consult information on the adoption process. Learn how and where you may apply to adopt a child.

It is possible to request a divorce by mutual consent also known as amicable divorce if both members of the couple agree on the essential matters. The divorce by mutual consent may include or not the sharing of the couple s assets. If there is no agreement between the members of the couple it is nec ...

Services | Realizar o processo de transcrição do assento de Casamento no estrangeiro

Realizar o processo de transcrição do assento de Casamento no estrangeiro

Services | Request the sharing of the couple’s assets

The sharing of a couple s assets their common property may be carried out simultaneously or after the divorce or the separation of people and assets.

The individuals with low income may request an exemption so they don t have to pay user charges at the National Health Service SNS . To be entitled to the exemption it is necessary to be part of a household in which the family head has an average monthly income lower than 653.64 . This is called bei ...