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A birth certificate is a document which confirms the facts in the birth registry. The certificate may be issued in paper or online.

Services | Register a birth abroad

Registar um nascimento no estrangeiro

Services | Register a birth

In Portugal when a child is born their registry is mandatory. Therefore it is necessary to declare their birth. All children born in Portugal must be registered even if the parents are foreign.

Pedir o abono de família pré-natal da Caixa Geral de Aposentações

It is a compensation assigned to the worker during the pregnancy aiming to replace the work income loss in the case of clinical risk for the pregnant woman or unborn child the child who is yet to be born wihen not entitled to the compensation for clinical risk during the pregnancy.

The prenatal family allowance is an instalment in cash assigned to the pregnant woman from the 13th pregnancy week which aims to promote motherhood through the compensation of the charges accrued during the pregnancy. This instalment is assigned for 6 months from the month following the 13th pregnan ...