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Support and incentives

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Services | Subsídio por cessação de atividade profissional

It is an instalment that aims to compensate the loss of income of the self-employed with a business activity and of the managers or directors of the companies due to termination of the professional activity due to justified reasons which determine the company shutdown. The allowance will only be gra ...

Services | Request the social unemployment benefit

The social unemployment benefit is an instalment in cash that may be granted to those who are not entitled to an unemployment benefit or those who finished the concession period of the unemployment benefit and remain unemployed initial unemployment benefit and subsequent unemployment benefit to it r ...

Services | Request the unemployment benefit

The unemployment benefit is an instalment in cash granted to the unemployed beneficiaries to compensate the lack of remuneration motivated by the involuntary loss of work. The only individuals entitled to the unemployment benefit are the ones involuntarily unemployed who meet the remaining assignmen ...

Services | Apoio a candidatos a emprego - informação

The Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional IEFP Employment and Professional Training Institute has several measures to help the job-seekers enter into the labour market. These measures include for instance supports to entrepreneurship traineeships compensation for jobs with a salary below the ...

Get to know the support and incentives that the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training IEFP provides to the entities.

Services | Subsídio Social de desemprego subsequente ao subsídio de desemprego

Information about how and where to apply for a subsequent unemployment benefit.

Estatísticas sobre os montantes geridos pelos fundos de pensões - consulta

Services | Request the severance grant

It an instalment in cash assigned to the self-employed economically dependent of one single employer to compensate the loss of income arising from the involuntary termination of the service agreement with the employer who reside on national territory and meet the assignment conditions at the date of ...

Services | Obtain information on special protection due to disability

Special protection due to disability aims to protect the beneficiary in a situation of permanent inability to work with a rapid evolution prognosis for an autonomy loss situation with negative impact on the profession derived from certain diseases.

The self-employed workers may be entitled to exemption from the payment of Social Security contributions in certain cases. Learn when and how you may request.