COVID-19: IEFP - Employment and Professional Training Institute

Information updated on September 2, 2021

Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional services

Due to the situation of COVID-19, the IEFP communicates the following changes:

  • In-person service to the public is, preferably, carried out by appointment
  • Remote attendance, by telephone, email or online, continues to be privileged
  • The technical interventions, sessions and interviews will be carried out, whenever possible, through a videoconference system
  • The on-site training activities of the IEFP Center network have been adjusted to comply with health and social distancing rules
  • Tt is mandatory to wear a mask or visor to enter and remain in the public attendance locations.

For more information on how the services work, please consult the IEFP's FAQ section COVID-19 or contact through the IEFP website.

As an alternative, the IEFP provides a form for clarification of questions related to the measures adopted in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exceptional support measures due to COVID-19

The IEFP provides a page with the procedures and conditions of the applications to access the exceptional support measures due to COVID-19, such as:

  • New incentive to normalize business activity
  • Simplified support for micro-companies to maintain jobs
  • Support for the emergency reinforcement of social and health equipment
  • Extraordinary support for the progressive resumption of activity in companies in a business crisis situation, with a temporary reduction of the normal work period - professional training
  • Support for the maintenance of employment contracts.

Consult, also, the support under the Extraordinary Scheme of Monthly Scholarship Increases for the Contrato Emprego - Inserção (CEI) and Contrato Emprego - Inserção+ (CEI+).

For more information on possible adjustments to employment measures in the context of a pandemic, consult the corresponding measure on the IEFP website.

Services available on iefponline

In the iefponline portal it is possible to:

  • Sign up for IEFP
  • Submit electronic unemployment benefit application
  • Manage job applications: data update, change or unsubscribe
  • Search and apply for job and internship offers
  • Search and enroll in professional training courses
  • Schedule in-person services in employment services
  • Subscribe to the electronic notifications, which will become the main contact to IEFP
  • Schedule contact requests to communicate with IEFP professionals
  • Obtain supporting statements of unemployment
  • Submit documents
  • Among other services.

Since May 2020, the IEFP has been providing videoconferencing services to users who are already registered at the employment center. For more information, please consult the FAQ section of the Videoconference Interventions (pdf).

Scheduling in-person appointments

In-person services require a scheduled appointment.

On the iefponline portal, choose the option “Agendamento Online” (Online Scheduling). You will receive an e-mail or SMS confirming the appointment with the date, time and place and a code that you will have to use on the day of the appointment.

Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to the Employment Service requesting an appointment. The telephone contacts and email addresses of the services are available on the IEFP Centers Network page. It is mandatory to wear mask or visor to enter and stay in the public attendance places.

For more information, you can call the IEFP Contact Center at 300 010 001 or 215 803 555 (working days, from 8am to 8pm) or via e-mail at