COVID-19: IMT - Mobility and Transport

Restrictions to In-Person Services

The IMT in-person services, only through scheduling in advance, are limited to services that cannot be accessed online and urgent.

Scheduling can be made by e-mail or phone to the contacts listed in this document, between 9am and 4:30pm.

In cases of in-person services, payments should preferably be made electronically.

Information is only available by phone or online

In order to avoid unnecessary travel to public service spaces, information is provided exclusively by telephone or online.

Service contacts recommended

Services and information portal:

IMT Online

E-mail services:

For questions about drivers, vehicles, transportation, maritime-port activities or other issues, use the contact form on the IMT website.

Phone services:

IMT’s Linha Azul - 808 20 12 12

Centro de Contacto Cidadão (Citizen Contact Centre) - 300 003 990

Centro de Contacto Empresas (Business Contact Centre) - 300 003 980

Any questions can be clarified through these optional contacts, without having to go to a public services office.

Go to IMT Online and consult the services available.