Filming in Portugal


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To Film in Portugal, whether it is a domestic or foreign production, it may be necessary to have a set of administrative procedures for licensing, authorization or prior communication.

In this page you have access to a simulator, a tool that will help you obtain the information you need to Film in Portugal.

By selecting the desired options in the simulator you will have access to data and contacts of various entities. In order to facilitate the process of getting the filming authorization several services that you may have to deal with are identified.

You can access the simulator or the desired service directly at the end of this page.

Person filming documentary scene

What you need to know

Geometric shapes - circle, square, triangle and rhombus

Authorizations and Licenses

To Film in Portugal you need permits, licenses or assessments.

Make the simulation to know what you need.

Geometric shapes - circle, square, triangle and rhombus

Cash Rebate

Please contact the Portugal Film Commission to clarify any doubts related to the simulation carried out, or to obtain additional information for film production in Portugal, such as a production guide a location guide, or the existing financial support, namely the Cash Rebate in force.

More information at PIC Portugal