Filming in Portugal

To be able to film in Portugal (whether a Portuguese or foreign production), a range of administrative procedures may need to be completed in relation to licensing, permits or prior notification.  

There is a simulator tool on this page that will help you find the information you need to be able to film in Portugal. 

When you select the desired options in the simulator, information and contact details for the various services and entities that you will need to call upon to film in Portugal will appear. This will facilitate the process for obtaining a filming permit. 

Alternatively, you can choose your desired service directly at the bottom of this page.

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Permits and Licenses

To film in Portugal, you may need permits, licences or expert assessments.

Run the simulation to find out what you need (temporarily unavailable).

Geometric shapes - circle, square, triangle and rhombus

Portugal Film Commission

Contact the Portugal Film Commission (PFC), if you have any questions about a simulation that you have run, or if you require further information about film production in Portugal. You will also find other services on the PFC website, such as a production guide, a location guide and financial support that is available.


A new simulator is being developed.


To be able to film in Portugal, you may need to apply for licences or permits or to submit advance notifications. Below is a list of services that you may need to shoot video footage or take photographs. Other procedures not directly related to filming may also be necessary.

Visas and customs procedures

Support and incentives

Permits and licences

The type of permit needed to film at a historic or cultural heritage site varies depending on the entity responsible for the location. Consult this list of monuments to find out whether the location where you wish to film (PDF) falls under the responsibility of the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC) or a Regional Directorate for Culture (DRC).

Other permits and licences