Filming in Portugal

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The Filmar em Portugal Simulator identifies the administrative procedures for licensing, authorization, or prior communication necessary to produce a film in Portugal.

After filling in the data in the Simulator, a set of information will be provided that will allow you to access the various entities that will intervene in this process.

With the result of the simulation, you will have a list of services and a brief explanation about the functioning and competences of each one of them, as well as the link for the respective request.

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What you need to know

Filming in Portugal

To film in Portugal you need permits, licenses or advices which may vary according to the location of the respective shooting, as well as any equipment or services involved.

Through the simulator you can find out which entities to contact.

Cash Rebate

Please contact the Portugal Film Commission to clarify any doubts related to the simulation carried out, or to obtain additional information for film production in Portugal, such as a production guide a location guide, or the existing financial support, namely the Cash Rebate in force.

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