Portuguese AgroFood Cluster
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Strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the agri-food sector by increasing their technological rate, promoting the production, transfer, application and valorisation of knowledge oriented towards innovation; promote the internationalisation of companies in the sector through their training, identification and gathering of opportunities.



  • Consolidate a common industry strategy
  • Support in internationalization processes
  • Development B12 of a communication strategy
  • Support for entrepreneurship initiatives

Sectoral Agreements for Competitiveness and Internationalisation

Managing Body

Associação Integralar - Intervenção de Excelência no Setor Agro-Alimentar 

(Intervention of Excellence in the Agri-Food Sector)


Products and Markets

GlobalAgriMar Promote skills for internationalization

Information on products - Consult this page for statistical data about the products.

Information on  markets - Consult this page for information on trade and the evolution of the trade balance (by product) with a specific country, the position of that country among Portugal's trade partners, the main products traded.

Information on market access - Consult this page for information about the export qualification processes that are in progress and the itinerary for the agri-food export.

Export form - Use this form to express your intention to export or other associated issue, such as difficulties experienced in exports already ongoing.

Products and markets considered strategic - Consult this page for information on products and markets considered strategic (for 2019/20), namely the Product and Market Sheets, in addition to the processes for enabling exports to these (strategic) markets and the External Action Plans (for the internationalisation of national products) promoted by some sectorial/strategic partners.

Commercial Policy See information from the EU / Third Country Agreements (current and under negotiation)

Information on cooperation instruments See Memorandums and other Protocols Portugal / Third Country

Programmes and Support

Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação (IAPMEI) - Portuguese AgroFood Cluster 

(Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation)

Clusters de Competitividade 

(Competitiveness Clusters)

Pactos Setoriais para a Competivividade e Internacionalização 

(Sectoral Agreements for Competitiveness and Internationalisation)

Gabinete de Planeamento, Políticas e Administração Geral 

(Planning, Policy and General Administration Office)


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