Here you may find information on the new measure for the inspection of events. The information available is aimed for all participating entities, promoters and economic agents. You may also use the simulator to confirm if the event you are organizing or in which you participate is framed in this inspection measure.


The creation of a single interlocutor in the Public Administration harmonizes the action the several inspection bodies and promote joint inspection actions of economic agents.

This ensures, at the events’ performance, the prior articulation between the inspection bodies.

This single interlocutor must interact with the promoters, be the point of contact and the connecting link with the other inspection entities, avoiding the economic agent’s need to contact several bodies.


The events carried out in Portugal, regarding the inspection and compliance with requirements, are subject to a high degree of complexity, derived from the high number and diversity of economic operators and entities involved, as well as from the number of individuals (assistants, viewers, etc.) present at the correspondent premises. The procedures for the Events Inspected Only Once were conceived as a simple response to the administrative and bureaucratic charges which affect them.

A single point of contact was created, which comprises:

  • A web page dedicated to the provision of simple and accessible information on all entities involved and topics to be inspected.
  • A simulator in which it is possible to check if the event you are organizing or in which you participate is framed in this measure.
  • An online service to communicate, send documents and clarify doubts, with all involved inspection entities.

Due to its specificity, the sports events were considered for this measure.


Através do "Realizar Serviço" pode enviar documentos, colocar questões e marcar reunião com as entidades fiscalizadoras.

Realizar Serviço

Participating Entities

In this section, you may find the requirements which may be inspected at any moment, before, during and after the event, and each participating entity has specific requirements. These are aggregated by the inspection entity and the information is available in a summarized and accessible way.

Click on the tab of the Entity you want.

The correspondent entity is responsible for the information on the tabs.

Frequently Asked Questions

To contact the inspection entities. With this service, we concentrate the information on a single point, eliminating the need to directly contact each body. Through this service, you may submit questions, send documents, etc...
No. This service is only to communicate with the participating entities, it does not replace the event’s licensing process.
Yes, if it is sent to one of the participating entities herein.
This service is aimed for events’ promoters, economic operators who participate in these events and/or to their representatives.

Yes, it serves as a communication tool between the several participating entities of an event and the public bodies.

Therefore, we encourage its use for the situations identified in this page, as well as for suggestions and claims.

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