Portuguese Associations and Cooperatives - communication of interest in keeping the public utility status

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    Communicate the interest in maintaining the Public Utility Status

The purpose of the communication is to update the list of legal persons holding or having obtained public utility status by administrative act. It covers all Portuguese associations and cooperatives and the permanent representations of foreign associations which have been granted the status of administrative public utility or public utility status by means of an administrative act. 

Note: It does not cover Portuguese foundations or the permanent representations of foreign foundations holding public utility status under the Framework Law on Foundations, as provided for in Article 3, paragraph 2 of the LQEUP.

Procedure and requirements


  • submission of the form available on ePortugal
  • submission of documents
  • analysis by SGPCM     
  • (eventual) request of missing documents
  • communication of compliance / non-compliance.



Additional Data

Territorial Scope
Portuguese associations and cooperatives with registered offices in mainland Portugal. Note: Excludes associations and cooperatives that carry out their activity exclusively in one of the Autonomous Regions.

Legislation, refusals, contests, claims



Reasons for refusal


Means of opposition/Complaint to the Ombudsman


Competent Entity

Secretaria-Geral da Presidência de Conselho de Ministros

Address: Rua Professor Gomes Teixeira, n.º 2 1399-022 LISBOA

Phone number: 213 927 600

Email address: sec-geral@sg.pcm.gov.pt

Web url: https://www.sg.pcm.gov.pt/